Capricorn Profile

If you meet someone who’s driven and seems to have it together, who can keep their cool in the middle of mayhem, who’s reserved but hot, odds are they are Capricorn. Yes, you are the ambitious one, the realistic one and the one who keeps his or her head on his or her shoulders while the rest are losing theirs.

You are ruled by Saturn, who is the teacher of the zodiac. This doesn’t mean that you are 100% bound to be a teacher yourself. But it does indicate that you are someone who can teach others lessons and also someone who learns by the lessons life teaches you. You have the ability to see the facts of a situation and to face up to them. Eg: Female Caps don’t need to read that book “He’s just not that into you”. You not only KNOW when someone isn’t into you, you’re not afraid to admit it to yourself either (unlike many other signs who just keep hoping and wishing forever, wasting time as life slips by…)

A setback doesn’t seem like the end of the world to you and even bad news is something you can deal with. It’s far better to work with the truth than to live in some airy-fairy floaty world – for Capricorns. Some say you’re a tad cold, but as far as you can see, there’s enough mushy stuff in the world without you blathering as well! You are also the sign that relates most to the passage of time. You are aware and respectful of the past and you welcome change because you know it’s progress. Some would see your ability to let the past go as cool bordering on cold. That’s their lookout. You know better that the past is indeed over and the present and future is what counts. You are down to earth and an Earth sign for that matter and you are not at all afraid of taking on responsibilities. But it’s not all work and building and constructive growth. Capricorns are as soft and mushy inside as the next human being, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Avoid allowing your great grip on reality to translate into drudgery. Yes, only tangible results count, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t applaud efforts that go awry. As a Cardinal sign, you are one of the leaders of the zodiac. It’s your level head and wisdom that makes you that. Your ability to work consistently towards any goal also helps. Capricorns help the rest of us stay real.

Medical Astrology

Knees, joints and the skeletal system are the main focuses of the Capricorn zodiac sign. Capricorn is known as the ‘pessimist’ of the zodiac. They are always thinking about what might go wrong, which can be a downer for those around them, but this quality also makes Capricorns great leaders.

Knee and joint injuries are common in Capricorns, so low-impact exercises such as swimming and horse riding are ideal for avoiding painful injuries.

Interestingly, Capricorns often look older than their age and suffer from poor health when they are young. As they grow older, their health improves until they are quite physically fit. Due to issues with their skeletal system, it is a good idea for Capricorns to maintain prime health by enriching the blood with iron-rich foods.

Magnesium is also an important addition to Capricorn’s diet, benefitting their nerves, and helping them relax — ideal for what is one of the most highly-strung zodiac signs. Capricorns are very reticent with their emotions, and it is often impossible to determine or understand what they are thinking and feeling. By keeping their feelings cooped up, Capricorns are more susceptible to suffering from knee and joint problems. To avoid this, they need to trust those around them with their thoughts more easily.

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