Sagittarius Profile

Oh, to be an adventurous Sagittarian. Do you know how many people out there wish that they had your zest for life? Of course, you don’t blame them one iota. You’ve spent a lot of your life wondering why more people aren’t like you and, well, you might. You have a noble attitude mixed through with the sort of ‘devil may care’ spring in your step, which makes people look to you in awe.

Ruled by Jupiter, you have a very broad outlook and the ability to step back and see the bigger picture while all about you people are getting all twisted up in the finer, minor details. And though you’re fun loving, you’re also in touch with the deeper profound side of life. Get you on the right day, at the right time, and you can be as philosophical as the best of them. You take great joy in achievements and, although you may scatter your energies and may not be the most innately ambitious of signs, you are gifted in working things through to the end and often find success – if you feel like it.

You’re a Fire sign and, as such, the life and soul of any party or social situation you walk into. You are intuitive with a rich fantasy life, have high goals and you strive, strive and strive again, rarely letting small failures get you down. You’re also enthusiastic and your enthusiasm is catching; though, you are not necessarily a natural born leader (the responsibility doesn’t appeal to you), you often find yourself at the head of the pack anyway, in your role of urging and inspiring others onwards. You’re also a freedom-lover and woes betide any mere mortal who comes along and tries to clip your wings. Sometimes you veer towards over-ebullience, talking the legs off tables, PREACHY and even coming across as arrogant. But it’s not that you’re really like that. You just forget to stop, every now and then.

You’re a spiritual seeker who loves a good time in between time spent educating yourself about the worldview and the spiritual. You’re a liberal thinker and, yet, you rarely force your views on anyone (except, of course, when in arrogant mode). While you will usually say what you say you’ll do, you’re not the best at staying interested in something for too long. You love novelty and this makes you a great pal who is always up to something, but don’t forget that just because something isn’t new, that doesn’t make it boring! Your plans are grand and you fight for right and justice at the drop of a hat. Sagittarians are cool.

Sagittarius Medical Astrology

Lucky Sagittarius — they are the healthiest of all the zodiac signs! Their areas of interest are around the mid-section of the body; their hips, thighs, liver and sciatic nerve are Sagittarius-dominated. Intelligent, and self-taught, Sagittarians are on an ever-lasting quest for truth and knowledge. Being the optimist of the zodiac has given Sagittarians an advantage over the other zodiac signs; their consistently high spirits mean they very rarely suffer from illness. As far as poor health goes, this manifests itself in a susceptibility to obesity, lower back problems, fractured hips, gallstones and liver ailments. Sagittarians are more likely to suffer from jaundice, hepatitis and liver problems. They should avoid alcohol and cigarettes.

Physical activity is super-important, and luckily this active sign loves exercise. The Sagittarius is fully committed to an exercise routine, but needs to make sure they stretch and walk it off upon completion of their daily session.

Injuries towards the bottom half of the torso are more common in the Sagiattarius than other zodiacs, so they need to be careful of not injuring their pelvis, hips and thighs. Female Sagittarians are prone to gaining weight around their hip and thigh areas.

Sagittarians love their independence, and getting out to experience fresh air and freedom is fundamental to their wellbeing. The zodiac’s focus on Sagittarius’s thighs comes through in this sign’s constant desire and need to wander and travel. Without getting out and about, and constant mental stimulation, Sagittarius feels restricted, resulting in unhappiness. When they feel restricted, they will take risks, potentially causing injuries around their hip and lower back areas. This constant restlessness can lead to exhaustion, so the Sagittarius need to ensure they are getting enough shut-eye at night!

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