Gemini Profile

Oh you Geminis! You have enough brains for two people and you know how to use the old grey matter too. You can flirt the socks off the rest of us because you know who to read people and what’s likely to get into their head. You can make people laugh and you have some of the most brilliant insights around. Forget what you’ve heard about Geminis being two-faced. It’s not that you’re anymore two-faced than the next person. You just have an uncanny ability to see every story from at least two sides, which can be confusing to those around you. You’re the curious type and you’re not afraid of asking the kinds of questions which can make others squirm a little. Let them squirm. Sometimes there are questions which just need to be asked, and if it falls to you to do the interrogating, so be it!

You’re a versatile mutable sign which means that you’re rarely rigid in your ideas. In fact, flitting from one idea to the next is your forte and one of your weaknesses. Far from needing to learn to keep your mind open, you need to learn to focus on one thing at a time. Your knowledge and the diversity of that knowledge means that you don’t like to be kept on one track and if there is one criticism people are likely to make of you it’s that you tend to intellectualise things too much. You even try to intellectualise and rationalise feelings. Next time you find yourself doing this, stop, and do a double check, to discover how you feel, rather than how you think you feel.

You have a well-ordered mind, despite your tendency to think one hundred things at once. You’re the type to get conversations started during awkward silences and you have highly developed critical facilities. You also have a reputation for being one of the worst flirts of the zodiac. Who are they kidding when they say that? You’re one of the best! Flirting is as much about getting into someone’s mind as it is about anything else, and you know just how to do that when the spirit moves you. You also have a reputation for being slightly fickle, as well as prone to fits of blackness, but this is the price you pay for your quick wit. Yes, there are times when you feel down and as though the world is a dark, dark place, but just as quickly as these moods descend upon you, they up and leave.

Ruled by Mercury, the fleet footed messenger, you remain as flexible as a reed in the wind and more than happy to adapt to the situations you find yourself in.

Gemini Medical Astrology

The arms, lungs, shoulders, hands, brain and nervous system are all areas of the body ruled by Gemini. Heavily influenced by Mercury, Gemini’s are prone to restlessness, anxiousness and an inability to still the mind, due to their sign’s focus on the nervous system and brain. Nervous disorders are common amongst Gemini, and they commonly suffer from insomnia. Their intellectual nature makes it difficult for them to quiet their mind enough to sleep, and their desire to achieve can place too much pressure on the nervous system, which can run awry quite easily. Stress can cause illness, and Gemini leans towards consuming junk food when they are nervous. A predisposition towards anxiety can quite frequently make them physically ill, most likely with pneumonia, bronchitis or tuberculosis. Geminis are also quite prone to asthma and allergies. Arthritis and carpal tunnel are more likely in the Gemini, given their zodiac’s focus on the hands. When stressed, tension is likely to settle in the lungs. However, the concentration of their sign on the brain means they are quick-witted, intelligent and love constant movement and travel.

Of benefit to the nervous Gemini is exercise. Due to their intellectual nature, they are more likely to be found with a book than lacing up their exercise shoes, but running can be a good way for a Gemini to relax. Yoga and meditation are also effective ways to clear their often-busy minds. Geminis are easily bored by trivial tasks and in many relationships, due to their nervous nature. They love a good debate, and require jobs that give them plenty of space to use their mental prowess and socialise. Writing, or finding a hobby that uses their hands in some way is beneficial to still Gemini’s nervous energy, which can negatively impact their health.

The consumption of foods packed with potassium chloride can help Gemini by clearing clogged lungs and bronchial tracts.

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