Leo Profile

Leo Profile

Leo, Leo, Leo. You’re admired far and wide – and oh-so-worthy of our admiration. The sign of Leo is ruled by the Sun – your sign is arguably the King (or Queen) of the zodiac. Your ruler is The Centre Of Our Universe – and unlike the rest of planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, etc), who sometimes appear to go backwards (ie: retrograde), your ruler the Sun just keeps ticking forwards, over and over. And you Leos are like that, too. With no time for the past, you are confident and even headstrong, happy to just keep moving, not holding grudges, not usually given looking back. Lucky you.

You CAN be intimidating – do you realise that? Your self-assurance knocks some of the meeker, milder signs off their feet. Try not to come across as though you are totally able to do without others – you can put on such a convincing act that the rest of us fall for it, and so are not there for you when you need us. Get it?

Leos are the pussy cats of the zodiac, for sure, but they’re also the Lions and Lionesses. Depending on your mood, you can chew us up or smother us in warm loving licks that bowl us over. Anybody’s who’s ever loved a Leo knows that to love you is to be in awe of you.

So how do you do the things you do? With a constant vibrancy and passion enough to start a fire. Actors and actresses come under the sign of Leo and it’s indeed true that your sign is connected with dramatics. You also like to be centre-stage, whether that’s on a real stage or just with your pals. And why not? You always have something interesting to say and peoples. attention is naturally drawn to you. And you love it.

But you never just take, take, take. In fact, you are perhaps the most generous sign of the zodiac, giving your time and money and love to anyone you know needs it. (You give the best presents –by far). And when the going gets tough you have another celestial advantage – you can hold your head high and command respect in almost any situation. Sometimes haughty, always dignified, there’s rarely any danger of you losing your cool.

But you’re not cheap! Leos treat themselves as well as they treat others and you want the best of everything – meals and cars and bits and bobs all fit for a King, of course. You’re also contagiously generous and although you can be fiery, you don’t often let your temper get the better of you (except when confronted by true nong-heads, of course!) You like others to know their place and anyone who spends enough time around you, certainly learns it. Leo is also the sign of the celebrity. So even if you’re not famous yet, use your innate Leo talents to shine like a star wherever you go and whatever you do.

You know that you’re just a little bit different and you like it just like that. Never ordinary, always distinctive, Leo leads.

Leo Medical Astrology

Is it any wonder Leo’s sign is the lion? Their sign rules over the heart, spine, chest, spinal column and upper back — it’s obvious why they are known for their tenacity and courage! However, this also means that Leos can have fiery tempers, and frequently run high fevers. Most of the time, Leo’s are cheerful and charming.

Artistic, and creative, Leos love to entertain and be the centre of attention. Their open heart makes them generous and loving. Leo the lion is naturally a born leader, and are most vulnerable in their heart and circulatory system. High blood pressure and high cholesterol are both symptomatic of this. Leos therefore need to keep in peak physical condition to avoid these issues, as well as weight gain around the middle from their love of wine and hearty food. Watching caffeine intake is particularly beneficial for this heart-focused zodiac.

Positions of authority and power are well-suited to Leo, and this sign demands respect from others. If they feel they have been wronged, Leo can turn on others quite easily. But this can be avoided by showing them they are loved; although proud, Leo’s are deep down quite insecure and need constant affirmations of their worth. They take criticisms to heart, and their extremities are prone to cold tingles due to poor circulation.

Leo’s would do well to adhere to a vegetarian diet. Due to their propensity to heart disease and high blood pressure, red meat ought to be avoided, and iron-heavy foods such as kale and spinach should be incorporated into their diets. Leo’s are known for thick, oily hair (like a lion’s mane), so should avoid greasy foods.

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