Salt By Hendrix | Jade Face Roller



Enhance the effectiveness of your beauty routine with the SALT BY HENDRIX Jade Face Roller. Designed to be used as a tool to promote circulation and encourage skin cell rejuvenation, this face roller will also work to stimulate the lymphatic system helping to combat puffiness and water retention. Made from Jade, this stone instils confidence, calms the nervous system and promotes healing and balance.

As well as promoting wellness, this jade face roller is the perfect way to treat yourself to a massage while applying your facial serums or oils, encouraging better absorption as well as skin health, improved skin tone, and a radiant complexion.

Features of the SALT BY HENDRIX Jade Face Roller:

Beauty and wellness combined in this double-sided tool
Made from Jade
Promotes circulation
Encourages skin cell rejuvenation
Stimulates the lymphatic system, helping to reduce puffiness and water retention
The Jade Stone promotes purity, healing, calm and balance
Use to apply facial serums and oils
Suitable for use on face and eye area

Salt by Hendrix is a plant-based brand based in Sydney, Australia.

How to Use

Apply your facial serum or oil to your clean and dry face, neck and décolletage. Using the wide end of the roller, starting at the jawline, massage in an outward direction to assist with puffiness across the face, neck décolletage. Use the narrow end around the eye area to message in your eye serum or cream to the upper brow bone and under eye area. To assist with fine lines and wrinkles, we recommend using the roller in an upward direction.

If this product is sealed, please ensure the seal is intact prior to using the product.