Reignite Your Relationship

Remember the last time you felt as though you and your partner were totally in sync? It might have been because the conversation was flowing, your sex life was on fire, or you simply felt a deep, steady sense of being really loved.

If that last time wasn’t yesterday, it’s time to be proactive. Too many couples live through years of feeling unfulfilled before they decide to do the work and invest in their relationship. At that point, the worst cases have built a wall of resentment too high to see what’s behind it, and the best cases have missed out on years of feeling empowered in a passionate relationship that is filled with connection, conversation, and true partnership.  

If any of this sounds familiar, this course is your most important step one. We’ve designed every module with YOU in mind. As you move through the content, you’ll work through a process of discovery, learning about the cycle of attraction and the physiological side of relationships, identifying the deeper issues that exist in your relationship, and taking proactive steps towards reigniting that flame, and keeping it alive for good.

Modules include:

Love Or Lust: Find out why we are attracted to certain people, the purpose of lust, and how to experience deeper appreciation in every stage of the cycle of love
What’s the Problem?: Little frustrations can indicate deeper emotions. Identify what they are and how they may relate to trauma in your past, and find out how to create a feeling of safety and trust with your partner
Starting the Conversation: Are you a Hailstormer, or a Turtle? Find out, and get the script for starting productive conversations
Fighting the Good Fight: Arguments are inevitable. This module will teach you how to slow down, change your nervous system, and communicate effectively
Reigniting Intimacy: Intimacy is the glue that holds our relationships together. Discover how to make the effort and re-ignite the romance.
Beyond The Therapy Room: Create a relationship vision and actionable steps to move your partnership in the right direction
–  And so much more

When you and your partner are teetering on the edge of a breakup, feeling out of sync, or you find yourself avoiding physical and mental connection, it’s time to do the work, and this course makes that work simple and achievable. So stop denying what’s in front of you, and click here to unlock all 11 video modules, plus bonus worksheets and print-and-keep PDFs in the Reigniting Your Relationship course.

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