Foreo | Bear



We make time to work out our bodies – when is it our face’s turn? If the idea of fitting in yet another gym session for the good of your face sounds like hell (and it does to us!) then turn to the skincare device that works out for you – a personal trainer, just for your face!

A toning device that uses smart microcurrents to exercise the muscles in your face and neck without pain or discomfort.

What are the features of FOREO Bear?

Energizing workout of your face – microcurrents stimulate toning of the skin, while pulsations massage the face and help brighten the complexion for that youthful glow.
Anti-shock System – super-smart tech scans and measures skin’s resistance to electricity, adjusting microcurrents as it goes for the best safety and comfort.
App Connected – build a personalised regime, follow guided facial fitness routines and maintain your efforts through the FOREO For You app

Swedish design – no one ever accused the Swedes of poor design. Ergonomically designed to fit facial curves, with no cumbersome wires, and a long-lasting charge for skincare wherever you find yourself.

What is microcurrent facial toning?

Sometimes called a “natural” facelift, microcurrent is a totally safe and pain-free way to firm skin and define your features. Micro currents mirror your own electrical currents on a cellular level, helping to refine and contour your complexion. Cells are broken down and grow back stronger, just as your body muscles (leg-day, anyone?). Signs of ageing are improved on a cosmetic level, but your dermis layer is also stimulated into action for longer-term benefits.

What do I need to use this with?

While FOREO does sell their Serum Serum Serum to be used alongside the FOREO Bear – and a sachet is included! But realistically, any serum will give a similar effect. Skin does need to be hydrated with a serum or oil though, as dry skin won’t conduct the microcurrents as well. The great news is the T-Sonic pulsations will enhance product absorption, meaning your serum will be even more effective when used with your FOREO Bear.