Foreo | Luna Mini 2



Enjoy a brighter and clearer complexion with the compact Foreo Luna Mini 2. This travel-friendly facial cleansing device works to rid skin of impurities, excess sebum, environmental pollutants, and dead cells to leave skin looking luminous and refined. Using revolutionary T-Sonic power, the Luna Mini 2 offers 8 adjustable pulsation intensities to deeply cleanse and exfoliate skin.

With just 1 minute of cleansing, morning and evening, the Luna Mini 2 easily slots into any beauty skin care routine, with active ingredients having more of an effect than ever.

Key benefits of the Foreo Luna Mini 2:

Facial cleansing device to deeply cleanse skin.
Exfoliates skin to decongest blocked pores and remove impurities.
Allows other skin care products to absorb more effectively.
Hypoallergenic, waterproof silicone casing.
Lightweight and portable.
T-Sonic capabilities with 8 adjustable speed settings.
3 optimised zones for all skin types.

What are the main features of the Foreo Luna Mini 2?

The cleverly designed Foreo Luna Mini perfectly balances portability and convenience with high-performance results matching the original Luna. This powerful device has a compact and waterproof body, offering 300 uses per full charge, making it perfect for travel and weekends away.

The Foreo Luna 2 offers 8 speed settings, so you can completely tailor your skin care routine to both your skin type and your current skin’s needs. The brush is zoned into 3 sections to work effectively on all skin types.

Created with hypoallergenic and waterproof silicone, the Foreo Luna Mini 2 doesn’t build up bacteria or cause reactions on sensitive skin types.

How to use the Foreo Luna Mini 2:

Dampen your skin with warm water and apply your cleanser.
Press the indentation in the middle to turn the brush on.
Adjust your speed setting with the + and − buttons.
Massage the device onto skin in circular motions.
Follow the 15-second timers to deliver an even cleanse.
Thoroughly rinse skin and pat dry.

Who should use the Foreo Luna Mini 2?

Introducing a facial cleansing device into your skin care routine is the best way to ensure your skin is evenly and deeply cleansed, ridding it of impurities, product build-up, and excess oil. The Foreo Luna Mini 2 has been designed around your life, offering a thorough and effective cleanse while staying portable and travel-friendly.

The Mini 2 not only instantly cleanses your skin for a smoother and brighter finish. It also allows your other beauty products to absorb more effectively into the skin for heightened results.

What is the difference between the Foreo Luna 2 and the Luna Mini 2?

The Luna Mini 2 aims to make introducing an electrical facial device as easy as possible, without causing disruption to your life or beauty skin care routine. The Luna Mini 2 is smaller and more lightweight than the original Luna 2, making the former perfect for travel and for storing away.

The Luna Mini 2 provides the same T-Sonic technology as the Luna 2, delivering a deep and thorough cleanse despite the former’s compact body. Rather than being available in different styles for different skin types like the original, the Luna Mini 2 has a triple-zoned brush head, which tackles a variety of skin care concerns. This makes it an incredibly versatile and universal cleansing device for all skin types.